Friday, June 29, 2007


What have I been thinking? I try to make gratitude a key to my everyday living. I'm afraid I've neglected that concept lately, so today I'm here to atone and make amends to the city fathers.

While I, and others, have been complaining about paying Mr. Menchaca almost a half a million dollars to not work, little did we know that behind the scenes the municipal government has been working in our behalf to save us $300,000. We learned today that Mr. Menchaca valued himself as a non worker to the tune of around $800,000, but the city leadership held firm and made him settle for almost half that or $480,000. I'm here to appologize publicly. Thanks for your diligent work!

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Otto said...

Grrrr. Baaad dawg , baaad dawg,,sicem..sicem . We need more baaad puppy !