Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Money for nuthin'....

In todays Midland Reporter-Telegram I was surprised to see that a company, BCCK of Midland, is to receive funds from the Midland Development Corporation. This is odd, I thought, I know these guys and they've always represented that they are doing very well in the nitrogen rejection business; a segment of the gas industry that has improved greatly with increased prices. If you read their project list I think you could see this for yourself. As I read the article, not learning much other than they want to expand, I did come upon the key statement from an employee. "We like doing business in Midland and would hate to leave". Or something to that effect.

I'm not begrudging the guys at BCCK their free money; on the contrary I'm wondering if this might not work for me....and you too. So I would propose to them:

"Dear Guys at the MDC, I have a small online business selling photographs. It costs almost nothing to run and takes very little time, but in some years we have grossed around $10,000. However, we think that with the help of a capital infusion we could grow the business dramatically. Especially if we are using other peoples money to fund our growth. We feel that $1 million in increased sales is possible. Using other people's money would dramatically effect our bottom line in a positive fashion! For this capital I pledge to increase our skilled employment base by three staff members when we reach the $1 million mark. Specifically these would be: an Italian girl to drive my Ferrari, a Norgweigan girl to process orders and a Swedish girl to provide exercise therapy to the other staff members. Truthfully, there is really not much we can do to expand, but if you will just give me a lot of money I'll go ahead and hire the girls and pay them from this windfall. Midland is our home and we are commited to the community, but do you know how fast I can move if I don't get any money. I would hate to relocate to Monahans."

If you, your company or your individual business has not threatened to move I urge you to think it over. And really it's for the economic good of the city. If everyone threatens to move and receives free money, think what the economic multiplier effect would be! I urge you to email the MDC and tell them that you've already had Bekins Moving and Storage out to give you a quote and how soon can you get your money.

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