Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're Baaaaaaack!

It's back.......! Mean Street Kick Ass has awoken from a two year slumber. Several factors have contributed to this revival.

1] as I was driving on far north Garfield St. the other day, doing the 40 mph speed limit, I hit a pothole so pronounced that I thought I had blown my tire out.
2] after having complained for years to the city about the potholes near my home on "D" St. a repair crew showed up. However it was at the next street up where we, the neighbors, had no idea that any thing was wrong with this intersection or why it needed to be fixed.
3] perhaps you, as I have, have noticed whole areas of town where the street lights stay on 24 hours a day. Someone is paying for this.

Governing or managing a city is no easy task but we can do better than this. Do the city fathers, managment and workers drive around town and somehow miss all this? The staff at Mean Street Kick Ass intends to "gently" point some of these out from time to time. So...stay tuned for some famous long-term and glaring examples. We'll start with pot holes.

This is the corner of "G" St and Bedford where city crews of 4-5 men and much machinery labored for almost two weeks digging out the old asphalt and laying concrete....on the corner opposite also. Why, even the civil engineer who lives right here couldn't offer a clue. I'm all for maintenance, but when you consider what lies around the corner seems time could be better spent with...

This Bad Boy, caused mainly by irragation drainage from the adjacent home [which has been reported at least 6 times] is actually deeper than appears here. It is also in the shade all day making it harder to see. And....when there is water in "D" St. which there frequently is, it can't been seen until you hit it. Hit this at 35 mph and I can guarantee you'll lose a tire, if not a good part of your suspension system