Thursday, January 21, 2010

When in doubt.....ask!

I've described the amazement that many of my neighbors and I have felt while watching extensive work being done on our street, at an intersection where we personally have never noticed a problem, including the civil engineer who lives right at the spot the work is being done. The work went on for a long time, but was completed several weeks ago....or so we thought.

Until today when crews were back out at the same intersection tearing it up once again. Several emails between we old timers on the block made me realize that others were wondering too. Stewing and cursing "them", those in charge, is always an option, but doesn't provide answers. So....I did something I had thought of doing many times during this construction; I went to City Hall.

I was directed to the Transportation Dept. which is responsible for all road maintenance and repairs. Luckily, many people were in the office and I got to describe our "concern" to several people who took the time to look the spot up on the city plats and were able to explain to me/us that although this was one of the first jobs in our area....they are in fact in the process of upgrading many corners in the neighborhood to concrete from the typical asphalt. And that crews were back today because a possible water leak had been detected. Fair enough and nice to know.

After the shouting and obscenities stopped [this didn't actually happen; it's added for effect] I had a chance to speak with Renee Franks, the city engineer, who spent some time further explaining the plans for "D" Street which is another sore point with the's in horrible shape. Renee admitted that they knew that it is and are waiting on funding to completely redo it and she added, "call or email anytime if you have any questions" Good news.

So the lessonn I learn again is that complaining over what "they" are doing or not doing is easy, but not wholly responsible unless you are willing to go down and talk to "them". In a town the size of Midland, that's easily done. I'd like to thank Renee and the staff for a nice visit....although I think it would have been nice for them to offer me some of the cake they were eating. Maybe next time

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